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Office of Budget & Planning


In collaboration and consultation with our campus partners, we provide the budget and planning tools, processes, forecasts, and institutional strategies that help University leadership, at all levels, to be effective, prudent, and strategic in its decision-making and resource management.


Adaptive High Performance

  • We purposefully pursue continuous improvement and self-development by adopting a growth mindset.
  • We quickly re-prioritize and readjust to meet the demands of new circumstances.
  • We continually drive stronger performance through flexibility in time (when), location (where), role (what we do), tool (how), and resource (who does it).
  • We see obstacles as challenges to overcome.


  • We seek first to understand before offering assistance or solutions.
  • Our questions are rooted in a desire to improve outcomes.
  • We value inquiry over ego preservation.
  • We embrace opportunities to learn new things.


  • We seek what is best for the Office of Budget and Planning and the University, rather than what is best for ourselves.
  • We proactively teach, document, and share openly to aid the learning of our teammates.
  • We freely admit mistakes, invite feedback, and celebrate the success of our colleagues.
  • We are willing to be vulnerable, humble, and empathic in service to the team.

Human Connection

  • We treat our peers with respect.
  • We constantly demonstrate honesty, empathy, active listening, and mutual support.
  • We acknowledge and celebrate our differences and shared humanity by maintaining individual relationships.
  • We engage in open conversations, provide honest, timely, and direct feedback, and share opinions without fear of being judged.