The Office of Budget and Planning is currently on remote work assignment until further notice.  Please use our email addresses listed on our contact page as your primary method of contact.  Our phone lines will not be answered, but we can respond to your inquiries should you choose to leave a voicemail.  Please contact to arrange real-time consultation through Zoom or Skype.  Please contact Garth Perry ( should you need additional support or information regarding Office of Budget and Planning operations.


Please continue with the preparation of your departmental / all funds budgets as previously planned and communicated.  We understand that the COVID-19 crisis will impact budgets; however, we expect the baseline budgets you are preparing will be highly valuable for future planning as the next several months unfold.  Given the disruption caused by revisions to academic and other operations, we will be extending your deadline to Monday April 6th.  Please note, that missing this deadline may result in an inability to meet with the SVPHS, CFO, and/or Provost, which could in turn result in budget decisions for FY21 being made without information or participation from your unit.


We provide the budget and planning tools, processes, and strategies that help University leadership, at all levels, to be effective, prudent, and strategic in its decision-making and resource management.


Adaptive High Performance

  • We quickly reprioritize and readjust to meet the demands of new circumstances
  • We value results over process
  • We continually drive stronger performance through flexibility in time (when), location (where), role (what we do), tool (how), and resource (who does it)
  • We see obstacles as challenges to overcome


  • We seek first to understand before offering assistance or solutions
  • Our questions are rooted in a desire to improve outcomes
  • We value inquiry over ego preservation
  • We embrace opportunities to learn new things


  • We seek what is best for the Office of Budget and Planning and the University, rather than what is best for ourselves
  • We proactively teach, document, and share openly to aid the learning of our teammates
  • We freely admit mistakes, invite feedback, and celebrate the success of our colleagues
  • We are willing to be vulnerable, humble, and empathic in service to the team